7th CSL Student Conference

The 7th annual CSL student conference will be held from January 26-27, 2012, and will feature talks in the following areas:

- Reliable and High Performance Computing

- Decision and Control 

- Circuits

- Computational and Physical Electronics 

- Thin Film Electronics 

- Signal, Image and Speech Processing 

- Remote Sensing and Space Sciences

- Communications

 The conference is organized by graduate students in CSL, primarily working in the areas of Communication, Control and Signal Processing.  The conference will consist of an exciting mix of student presentations, informative and thought-provoking talks by the invited speakers, a lively panel discussion, and a reception.

This conference is intended primarily to enable students in CSL to present their work to UIUC faculty, the invited speakers, and other students. Besides this, there will be several opportunities for interactions in an informal setting.

All UIUC students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate.